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RE Commercial is a corporate real estate advisory firm with offices in Orlando, Tampa and Melbourne Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to providing a full array of commercial real estate transactional and advisory services throughout the entire state of Florida, with a primary focus on representing office, industrial, retail and land owners in lease, build-to-suit, investment sale/purchase transactions in all major markets across Florida.

RE Commercial's focus is on providing specifically tailored real estate services to companies occupying commercial real estate. We work closely with corporate executive officers in developing and executing strategic real estate plans that match their business plan, reduce occupancy costs and result in optimized solutions.

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Enhance your negotiating power!

  • Assess - Invite us to meet with your company officers and assess your current real estate plan as it relates to your current short and long term business plan.

  • Implement - During this process we will benchmark your current real estate plan in order to identify areas of inefficiencies, cost savings, and time savings.

  • Execute - With a well aligned real estate plan, we will manage and coordinate the various aspects of the real estate process in order to bring your plan to successful fruition.

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