Planning for the future . . .


Companies that continually assess their short and long term real estate plan and align that plan with their business plan position themselves for future success. Occupancy costs are typically second to labor costs and distract capital from deployment into the core business.

RE Commercial works closely with corporate officers in financially assessing and implementing effective real estate solutions in order to meet or exceed their business goals. When leasing, selling or investing in a commercial real estate transaction, leverage the expertise of RE Commercial.

Why choose us?

Enhance your negotiating power!

  • Assess - Invite us to meet with your company officers and assess your current real estate plan as it relates to your current short and long term business plan.

  • Implement - During this process we will benchmark your current real estate plan in order to identify areas of inefficiencies, cost savings, and time savings.

  • Execute - With a well aligned real estate plan, we will manage and coordinate the various aspects of the real estate process in order to bring your plan to successful fruition.